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Why choose for your skip hire needs? Discover the top 10 reasons why our online platform is the ideal choice:

1) Seamless access from any device: Whether you're using an Android phone, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, Notebook, Mac, or PC, our website and mobile app provide fast and convenient access.

2) Streamlined simplicity: In a complex industry, we offer a user-friendly system that simplifies the process of waste disposal. Say goodbye to the overwhelming task of researching and comparing services before finding the right one for you.

3) Comprehensive price comparison: Let handle the hard work for you. Our platform collaborates with trusted operators to find the lowest prices available for your specific needs. Easily compare quotes and explore alternative services to fit your budget.

4) Time-saving efficiency: Skip the hassle of making multiple phone calls and conducting extensive research. Our platform takes care of all the background work and keeps you informed throughout the entire process – from initial booking to collection and any necessary exchanges or assistance along the way.

5) Minimize risks, maximize peace of mind: Don't take chances with unreliable providers advertising cheap solutions that could result in fly-tipping or unexpected costs. Ensure your waste is handled responsibly by licensed operators, avoiding fines and promoting sustainable recycling practices.

6) 24/7 account access: Enjoy the convenience of logging into your Uskip account at any time. Manage your skip hire orders, schedule collections, and arrange skip exchanges, all at your convenience. Our mobile app is especially handy for future rubbish removal needs.

7) Dedicated support channels: Reach out to us anytime for assistance via instant messaging, social media, email, or telephone. Our mobile app provides convenient access to support throughout every stage of your skip hire journey. As a valued Uskip member, you receive priority support, ensuring prompt resolution of any unforeseen issues.

8) Industry expertise you can rely on: Our team boasts extensive experience and training in the recycling and waste removal industry. Rest assured, you have access to knowledgeable professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch skip hire services.

9) Spread the word: Be the pioneer in sharing the innovative solution that revolutionizes the outdated waste removal industry. Let your friends and associates know about and help modernize waste disposal practices.

10) The future of waste removal: Our app represents the cutting-edge of waste removal in the UK. Embrace the convenience and efficiency it offers, paving the way for a more sustainable and streamlined future.

For skip hire services that combine ease, affordability, and environmental responsibility, choose Visit our website at to get started today.

Are Uskip prices the most affordable?

At, our innovative system compares prices from trusted local operators and presents you with the cheapest available options for your specific requirements. We provide fast and convenient access, allowing you to easily modify your quote to find the most suitable product for you. However, we advise caution when it comes to solely chasing the cheapest price. While there may be local operators who can offer lower quotes, it's important to consider other factors.

We prioritize eliminating any risks associated with skip hire. With, you can trust that your waste will not be fly-tipped, and you won't end up dealing with unlicensed cowboy traders. Furthermore, finding a cheaper quote may require extensive time and effort, involving multiple phone calls or messages. Your time is valuable, and the potential savings from a slightly cheaper quote may pale in comparison to the additional time investment required. It's not just about the initial time spent; each stage of your skip hire process may demand further time and coordination. excels in saving both time and money. Our user-friendly website offers swift and straightforward navigation, and you have access to your account from any device – mobiles, tablets, laptops, notebooks, Macs, or PCs. Book skips, arrange collections, exchanges, or seek support at any time of the day. For enhanced convenience, we even provide a dedicated mobile app to further enhance time-saving, simplicity, and overall convenience.

Additionally, our exceptional support adds value to your experience. During working hours, our mobile app and website offer instant messaging support, ensuring assistance is available at all stages of your skip hire journey. Our team of experienced staff is also ready to assist you over the phone, providing help in case of unforeseen circumstances or additional support required.

When comparing cheap prices to factors such as speed, simplicity, convenience, support, and the risk factor, offers the best combination. While our prices are highly competitive and provide the lowest cost quotes, we prioritize delivering an unbeatable experience in terms of efficiency, user-friendliness, convenience, and risk mitigation.

Experience the value of today, where we ensure affordability without compromising on quality or peace of mind. Visit our website at to explore our offerings and secure the best skip hire solution for your needs.

How can I find the Mobile App?

Our Mobile App is available for free download on the Android Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes App Store. For iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones and Tablets, you can choose the relevant link below, or manually search for "Uskip Skip Hire" in your device's App Store.

Uskip App for iPhone and iPad

Uskip App for Android devices

Using the App gives simplicity and convenience with your Uskip price comparisons and skip hire bookings, as well as direct support on your mobile device and out of hours account control. Save time, money, and phonecalls.

What items can I dispose of in my skip?

Skips are specifically designed for the disposal of non-hazardous waste, including building refuse, household items such as kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and garden rubbish. It's important to note that skips should not be used for the disposal of hazardous waste, and it is illegal to mix hazardous materials with non-hazardous waste.

Please keep in mind that skips can only be used for legal waste items. Ensure that the materials you are disposing of comply with applicable regulations and guidelines.

What is the maximum fill level for my skip?

According to the law, it is strictly prohibited to over-fill your skip. To ensure the safe transportation of the skip, it should not be filled beyond the top of its sides. Under no circumstances will over-filled skips be collected.

If you are uncertain about the proper fill level, we recommend consulting the driver before you begin filling the skip. This proactive step will help prevent any potential issues during the collection process.

What is hazardous waste?

Below is a list of what is considered hazardous waste, if you need to dispose of these items you will require a special license and a different type of disposal service (some are listed on here).

Solvents, corrosive liquid, biological waste, medical waste, laboratory waste, batteries, aerosols, gas canisters, pesticides, anti-freeze, paint, waste oils, motor oils, vehicle batteries, tyres, wheels, fire extinguishers, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs, televisions and computer monitors, fridges, Asbestos, plaster, explosives.

What Size Skip Should I Order? USkip, the Leading Skip Hire Company, Helps You Make the Right Choice"

What Size Skip Should I Order? USkip, the Leading Skip Hire Company, Helps You Make the Right Choice"

When it comes to selecting the perfect skip size for your project, USkip is here to assist you. As the UK's premier skip hire company, we understand the importance of optimizing your skip hire experience and getting the best value for your money. Let's delve into the factors to consider when determining the ideal skip size for your needs.

Assessing the Scope of Your Project
Efficient planning is crucial for maximizing your skip hire. Take a moment to break down your project into stages and jot them down for clarity. Whether you're replacing a shed or converting a loft, consider factors like the condition of base slabs or potential insulation upgrades. It's better to have more skip space than you need, rather than finding yourself short on capacity.

Determining the Right Skip Size
Once you've assessed the required skip space, it's time to choose the appropriate skip size. At USkip, we offer a range of sizes to cater to your specific needs. Our largest domestic skip size, known as the range from a 14 to 16 cubic yards Skip

To help you visualize skip space, it's important to note that skip sizes are measured in cubic yards. As a rough guide, envision two small domestic washing machines or a volume of 3ft by 3ft by 3ft for each cubic yard.

The large skips, such as the 12 yard, are perfect for extensive projects like complete house or office clearances. They can accommodate bulky waste such as furniture and kitchen worktops, as well as lighter installation waste like laminate and tiling. However, it's important to remember that large skips are not suitable for heavy and dense waste like bricks, rubble, or soil, as they may exceed weight restrictions for lifting lorries. Additionally, due to their size, large skips are typically unsuitable for placement on roads due to potential obstructions and environmental concerns. Keep in mind that large skips offer the lowest cost per cubic yard and should be chosen based on your specific requirements.

USkip also provides Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) containers for commercial projects. To receive a quote for these rubbish removal services, please visit our website.

Perfect Fit for Smaller Projects
On the other end of the spectrum, USkip offers 4 yard skips, which are the smallest available. These skips have a size of 4 cubic yards (equivalent to 8 washing machines) and are ideal for modest undertakings such as landscaping an average-sized garden, replacing a patio, or renovating decking. Midi skips are well-suited for heavy and dense waste like bricks, rubble, and soil. Furthermore, they are less likely to cause obstructions and can often be placed on the road or in parking bays, provided that local council regulations regarding skip permits and parking suspensions are followed.

Consider Available Space
Lastly, ensure that you have enough space on your property to accommodate the skip and maintain easy access. Avoid any potential damage to your driveway or border walls during skip delivery by ensuring adequate clearance. Also, consider the distance from alleyways, doorways, and walls, ensuring convenient loading of bulky or lengthy items such as furniture or kitchen worktops. When the skip is delivered, it will be positioned according to your instructions. Assess suitable areas on your property, whether it's the driveway, lawn, or courtyard, to ensure a hassle-free skip placement.

If you have any additional questions, please consult our Skip Hire FAQ or reach out to our friendly office team. USkip is dedicated to providing reliable rubbish

Where can I put my skip and do I need to inform the local authorities?

No, you do not but if you intend to put the skip on a road or pavement you will need to obtain a permit from your local authorities. This will cause a delay by around 5-10 days and permit costs vary across the UK.

A skip can be placed anywhere on your private property, provided that the driver can access the location when the skip wagon returns to collect it. As a guide we would ask for 9-10 feet width on the entrance to a driveway to allow the skip lorry to get in. However, it may be possible for the skip to be dropped onto the driveway from the entrance to the property.

You may not move a skip when it has been placed, or you may make it inaccessible. Always give clear instructions to the skip wagon driver when they arrive at your premises.

If you want to place your skip on public land (i.e. the road or pathway) you will require a permit from your local authority. This will come with certain conditions which you will need to abide by i.e. time allowed, covered, lights etc. will arrange this for you via the operator selected and any local authority charges will be added to your quote.

The Journey of Your Waste: What Happens When You Hire a Skip from USkip

Discover the benefits of, the premier skip hire booking platform in the UK. With a focus on sustainability and compliance with UK and EU legislation, ensures that your waste is processed responsibly by our approved contractors. Rest easy knowing that your skip contents will be managed by authorized facilities, adhering to all required standards.

Boosting Recycling Rates: Our Pledge to Sustainability
As a general rule, most skip companies recycle approximately 80-95% of the waste collected. At USkip, this serves as our benchmark for approving contractors. We strive to maintain high recycling rates and encourage our partners to meet this target.

Transparency and Responsible Waste Management
When you hire a skip from USkip, you not only save multiple trips to the waste disposal site but also gain peace of mind regarding the fate of your waste. We handle all waste materials in strict compliance with landfill policies and council guidelines. Let's delve deeper into the journey your waste undertakes.

Efficient and Safe Sorting Process
To kickstart our waste management process, our dedicated preferred agents meticulously sort through the skip contents, eliminating any large items. This initial step enables us to identify recyclable items and ensure hazardous materials are not present. We adhere rigorously to waste acceptance guidelines, ensuring that materials such as medical waste and plasterboard are not included. By prioritizing safety and adhering to these guidelines, we streamline waste management while safeguarding our team and the environment.

Preparing for Treatment: Enhancing Sustainability
Following the sorting process, the waste is transported to loading bays, where it undergoes various treatments. This may include compaction, shredding, and screening to optimize waste for further processing. Certain materials may be sent to specialized facilities based on their value and characteristics.

Maximizing Resourcefulness: Reuse and Recycling Initiatives
At USkip, we share a common commitment to minimizing waste and maximizing resourcefulness among all our approved agents. While some items may eventually end up in landfills, we prioritize the responsible handling of valuable items that can be reused. We take extra care to redirect these items to appropriate facilities for reuse or recycling, aligning with our dedication to sustainability.

Closing the Recycling Loop: Building Materials
Core materials like bricks, glass, and concrete have immense potential for repurposing as sub-materials. By recycling these materials, we not only reduce costs but also minimize further waste, emphasizing the integral role of recycling in the skip hire process.

Responsible Disposal of Electrical Goods
At USkip, we make concerted efforts to recycle electrical goods whenever possible. While not all electrical items are recyclable, old computers, appliances, CD/DVD players, and various other items can be repurposed. Check out our comprehensive list of recyclable electrical items [hyperlink to appropriate page] to ensure proper disposal.

Contributing to the Global Supply Chain: Scrap Metal
Scrap metal holds high demand worldwide, and USkip actively contributes to the global supply chain. We strive to supply recycled materials to countries such as China or India, where they can be utilized in diverse building projects.

Nurturing the Environment: Garden Waste
Your garden waste receives special attention with USkip. We collaborate with specialist facilities that transform garden waste into nutrient-rich compost, supporting eco-friendly gardening practices.

Responsible Disposal of Non-Recyclable Items
While our primary goal is to maximize recycling, there may be instances where certain items are not recyclable. In such cases, we ensure their proper disposal by sending them to landfills or, as a last resort, for incineration. We strive to minimize these occurrences due to the negative environmental impacts associated with landfills.

An Ethical Approach to Waste Management

UK and EU legislation have prompted skip hire companies, including USkip agents, to adopt environmentally friendly waste disposal practices. Our focus now lies in recycling as much waste as possible and ensuring reusable items find their way to appropriate facilities. Before ordering, it is essential to be aware of restricted waste types and verify if your intended waste can be placed in a skip.

Choose USkip for Ethical Waste Removal
At USkip, we take great pride in handling all waste materials in full compliance with the latest guidelines. Our unwavering commitment to recycling is evidenced by the significant amount of waste we recycle each year. Experience hassle-free skip hire and contribute to a sustainable future with

Items of Value: Reuse and Recycling Efforts

All Uskip approved agents believe in minimizing waste and maximizing resourcefulness. While some items may eventually find their way to a landfill, we prioritize the responsible handling of items that hold value and can be reused. Our commitment to sustainability means we take extra care to send these valuable items to appropriate facilities for reuse or recycling.

Building Materials: Closing the Recycling Loop
Core materials like bricks, glass, and concrete have the potential to be repurposed as sub-materials. By recycling these materials, we not only save costs but also reduce further waste, emphasizing the importance of recycling in the skip hire process.

Electrical Goods: Responsible Disposal
When it comes to electrical goods, we strive to recycle as much as possible. While some electrical items may not be recyclable, old computers, appliances, CD/DVD players, and various other items can be repurposed.

Scrap Metal: A Global Contribution
Scrap metal holds high demand worldwide, and Uskip contributes to the global supply chain. We make efforts to supply recycled materials to countries like China or India, where they can be utilized in various building projects.

Garden Waste: Nurturing the Environment
Your garden waste doesn't go to waste with us. We collaborate with specialist facilities that transform garden waste into nutrient-rich compost, supporting eco-friendly gardening practices.

Items That Are Not Recyclable: Responsible Disposal
While our goal is to recycle as much waste as possible, there may be instances where certain items are not recyclable. In such cases, we ensure proper disposal by sending them to landfills or, as a last resort, incineration. We strive to minimize these occurrences due to the negative environmental impacts associated with landfills.

An Ethical Approach to Waste Management
Changes in UK and EU legislation have prompted skip hire companies, including USkip agents , to adopt environmentally friendly waste disposal practices. The focus now lies in recycling as much waste as possible and ensuring reusable items find their way to appropriate facilities. It is essential to be aware of restricted waste types and verify if your intended waste can be placed in a skip before ordering.

USkip: Ethical Waste Removal
At Ukip we take pride in handling all waste materials in accordance with the latest guidelines. Our commitment to recycling is demonstrated by the significant amount of waste we recycle each year.

What is the process and communication before and the day the skip arrives?

1. Enter your delivery postcode
2. Select your product or service
3. The cheapest price from available operators will be generated
4. Happy with the price? Answer a few more questions and confirm
6. Pay by card and receive order acknowledgement
7. Receive order confirmation
8. Take delivery on the day specified
9. We will collect on the agreed date/time
9. Finished with your product early? Or need another skip? Log in to your account to manage your order.
10. Rate the service and book again!

Can you advise me on my skip hire?

We will advise you on the size and type of skip you require and whether or not you need a permit from your local council. We will deliver your skip when you are ready for it and when you have notified us that your skip is full or that you have finished with your skip, we will collect it and reuse, recycle or recover the contents. We may be able to arrange a permit with your local council for you if you need to place your skip on the road (for more information about this, see the questions below about permits).

How much for a skip or rubbish removal?

The prices vary depending on the size of the skip, your location and what materials you are disposing of.

You will also need to consider permit costs if you are placing your skip on a public road.

How do you quote for skip hire?

Your skip hire price is calculated based on the size of the skip you require, the nature of the contents, your location and any permit requirements of your local council. Using trusted operators in your area, comparison of prices occurs in this calculation and the cheapest will be displayed to you. You can amend your choice and choose different products to find a quote that will suit your budget and waste removal requirements. You do not need to have a registered account to use our price comparisons.

Who is

Welcome to USKIP, your go-to platform for hassle-free skip rentals and waste management solutions. As a leading skip rental company in the UK, USKIP.COM is dedicated to providing convenient and efficient services to individuals and businesses alike.

With our user-friendly website and mobile app, finding and hiring skips has never been easier. Whether you're searching for "skip hire near me" or looking to "hire a skip," USKIP.COM is here to meet your waste management needs. Our extensive network of approved contractors ensures that you have access to a wide selection of skip sizes and types, including roll-on-roll-off skips and grab hire lorries.

Since our establishment in 2017, USKIP.COM has rapidly grown into one of the largest waste e-commerce companies in the country. Our commitment to leveraging digital technology and removing friction from waste management sets us apart in the industry. By simplifying the process, we empower individuals and businesses to make a positive change in waste disposal.

At USKIP.COM, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional results. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring a smooth rental experience. We take pride in our prompt and reliable service, earning us a reputation as a trusted skip hire provider.

Whether you're tackling a home renovation project, clearing out your garden, or managing waste on a construction site, USKIP.COM has the right solution for you. By catering to the waste management requirements of each county we serve, we ensure that you receive tailored services that meet local regulations and guidelines.

So why wait? Experience the convenience of USKIP.COM today and hire a skip with ease. Join countless satisfied customers who have benefited from our seamless skip rental process. Together, let's make a positive impact on the environment while efficiently managing waste.

Discover the USKIP.COM difference for yourself. Start your skip hire journey now!

Are insured and licensed to do this work?

As we are a booking aggregator we use approved contractors who you employ directly to carry out the works. However all of our contractors are fully licensed and insured. This is checked regularly, as well as other key items, before a contractor can become approved.

Do you have the required permits and licences?

USkip is fully licensed by the Environment Agency as a waste carrier, waste broker and waste manager and has been providing skip hire in London for many years. Our materials recycling facility is licensed to process 1.6million tonnes of waste a year. Our vehicles are fully licensed by the department of transport. Our drivers are all licensed for heavy goods vehicles and are highly experienced in transporting, loading and offloading skips.

What is certified? certified is peace of mind that your waste is managed correctly once it leaves you no matter what it is.

You might be worried what happens after it leaves you, but has an approved network so you can buy in confidence (and don’t worry, we check).

Here's some core elements what all our contractors and our team at Uskip believe in #RESPECTWASTE.

Recycle - Divert all waste from landfill to processing plants first and target recycling 95% of waste landfill at the last resort.

Emissions - All vehicles are at minimum 'Euro 5' engines and premises to reduce emissions and carbon foot print.

Service - Exceptional customer service with every order placed and on time, every time.

Pollution - Commitment to reduce air, water and waste pollution #beatpollution

Environment - Working to current environmental legislations as a minimum standard.

Commitment to the government and USkip polices, targets and waste prevention.

Together - Working together for the goals of our clients and making a better and safer world to live in.

This equals #RESPECT, respect to our clients, respect to our supply chain and respect to our future.

So, what does stand for?


To modernise an outdated industry, to improve recycling and rubbish disposal in the modern world, it has to start with you. First decisions come from your choices, disposing your garbage in the best way suitable; Skip hire or not, who to trust, where should your trash end up, what price, when and how long you need... it can all get complicated.

Recycling your waste should be simple, convenient, safe and trustworthy, while at the lowest local prices. This is what is designed to do. Simple, convenient, online pricing and booking, with us doing any checks to remove risk, and our site offering price comparisons. On top of that, you keep access to your Uskip account for control of orders, delivery, collection, exchanges or price of various waste removal services in future.

Skip hire and the waste recycle industry needs improving and updating. It has to start with you. Choosing is the first step taken to do what's best with your rubbish.

U is for unrivalled; products and quality of services we bring.

S is for service; providing our great support from start to finish.

K is for knowledge; to educate clients, learn from our service users and supply partners a like.

I is for innovate; striving to create gains in the waste industry for a zero-waste recycling environment.

P is for pride; offering highest standards of skip hire, while doing what's best to reduce landfill.

This is what Uskip stands for and by choosing we believe you are making the change for a better world.

I'm a Skip/waste operator, but all my prices seem cheaper than you?

If you offer waste removal services or skip hire and you are not in our price comparisons, join us! You control your prices, let us include you and you'll start gaining work. This is the great innovation where we all win; the customer has access to cheaper deals, you gain the work, we do what we do best by bringing the two of you together. You don't need to pay for expensive website development, management or e-commerce charges, perhaps even saving your advertising costs once you are established on

Of course, you may already have all you need, as well as the goodwill of your own brand. Certainly, we don't want you to change anything. is additional, an add-on to your service. If you aren't offering quotes on then one of your local rivals will be. Don't lose out.

In the same way other industries work; fast food delivery, insurance comparisons, energy supplies, the famous taxi app also begining with U, phone sales etc, the antiquated skip hire and rubbish recycling industry is moving into the modern world. USKIP is worth being part of now. However, you do have to be a listed and established professional entity. We require evidence of permits / licences and we verify and corroborate to enable Uskip Certification. If you want more info or wish to join simply make contact, we are friendly and won't pressure for any decision.

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