Frequently Asked Questions

How full can I load my skip?

You must never over-fill your skip. This is the law. To ensure the skip is safe to transport, you must ensure that it is not filled past the top of the sides. Over-filled skips will not be taken under any circumstances.

If you are unsure ask the driver before you start to fill your skip as this will prevent possible issues later with collection.

What is certified? certified is peace of mind that your waste is managed correctly once it leaves you no matter what it is.

You might be worried what happens after it leaves you, but has an approved network so you can buy in confidence (and don’t worry, we check).

Here's some core elements what all our contractors and our team at USkip believe in #RESPECTWASTE.

Recycle - Divert all waste from landfill to processing plants first and target recycling 95% of waste landfill at the last resort.

Emissions - All vehicles are at minimum 'Euro 5' engines and premises to reduce emissions and carbon foot print.

Service - Exceptional customer service with every order placed and on time, every time.

Pollution - Commitment to reduce air, water and waste pollution #beatpollution

Environment - Working to current environmental legislations as a minimum standard.

Commitment to the government and USkip polices, targets and waste prevention.

Together - Working together for the goals of our clients and making a better and safer world to live in.

This equals #RESPECT, respect to our clients, respect to our supply chain and respect to our future.

What is the process and communication before and the day the skip arrives?

1. Enter your delivery postcode
2. Select your product or service
3. The cheapest price from available operators will be generated
4. Happy with the price? Answer a few more questions and confirm
6. Pay by card and receive order acknowledgement
7. Receive order confirmation
8. Take delivery on the day specified
9. We will collect on the agreed date/time
9. Finished with your product early? Or need another skip? Log in to your account to manage your order.
10. Rate the service and book again!

Are insured and licensed to do this work?

As we are only a booking aggregator we use approved contractors who you employ directly to carry out the works. However all of our contractors are fully licensed and insured. This is checked regularly, as well as other key items, before a contractor can become approved.

I'm unsure what skip size to choose - what should I do?

Check out our skip size online in the menu section.

What happens to my waste?

All of our contractors are approved so the rubbish you put in your skip will be processed by their own authorised facility which adheres to all UK and EU legislation.

As a rough guide, most skip companies recycle around 80-95% of the waste placed in skips. This figure remains our guideline for all our contractors to become USkip approved.

What is hazardous waste?

Below is a list of what is considered hazardous waste, if you need to dispose of these items you will require a special license and a different type of disposal service (some are listed on here).

Solvents, corrosive liquid, biological waste, medical waste, laboratory waste, batteries, aerosols, gas canisters, pesticides, anti-freeze, paint, waste oils, motor oils, vehicle batteries, tyres, wheels, fire extinguishers, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs, televisions and computer monitors, fridges, Asbestos, plaster, explosives.

Where can I put my skip and do I need to inform the local authorities?

No, you do not but if you intend to put the skip on a road or pavement you will need to obtain a permit from your local authorities. This will cause a delay by around 5-10 days and permit costs vary across the UK.

A skip can be placed anywhere on your private property, provided that the driver can access the location when the skip wagon returns to collect it. As a guide we would ask for 9-10 feet width on the entrance to a driveway to allow the skip lorry to get in. However, it may be possible for the skip to be dropped onto the driveway from the entrance to the property.

You may not move a skip when it has been placed, or you may make it inaccessible. Always give clear instructions to the skip wagon driver when they arrive at your premises.

If you want to place your skip on public land (i.e. the road or pathway) you will require a permit from your local authority. This will come with certain conditions which you will need to abide by i.e. time allowed, covered, lights etc. will arrange this for you via the operator selected and any local authority charges will be added to your quote.

What can I put in my skip?

Skips are used for the disposal of non-hazardous waste such as building refuse, household items such as kitchen and bathrooms and garden rubbish. They are not for the disposal of hazardous waste and it is illegal for you to mix the two.

But please remember, it can of course only be used for any legal waste items.

How much for a skip or grab-truck?

The prices vary depending on the size of the skip collected, your location and what materials you are disposing of.

You will also need to consider permit costs if you are placing your skip on a public road.

So, what does stand for?

U is for unrivalled, products and quality of the services we bring.

S is for service, providing the best service from start to finish.

K is for knowledge, to learn from, and educate our clients and supply partners a like.

I is for innovate, striving to create innovation in the waste industry for a zero-waste environment.

P is for pride, taking pride in offering our clients the highest standards of skip hire.

This is what USkip stands for and by choosing USkip we are all making a change to a better world!

Who is

Established in 2017, has grown from a small United Kingdom start-up to one of the largest waste e-commerce companies.

With a mission to empower people to experience and to make a change, invests in digital technology that helps take the friction out of waste. At, we connect businesses and the public to approved contractors with the world’s largest selection of products. Including everything from skips, roll-on-roll off skips, grab hire lorries, and more. Our site caters for each county waste requirements via the website and mobile app.

Can you advise me on my skip hire?

We will advise you on the size and type of skip you require and whether or not you need a permit from your local council. We will deliver your skip when you are ready for it and when you have notified us that your skip is full or that you have finished with your skip, we will collect it and reuse, recycle or recover the contents. We may be able to arrange a permit with your local council for you if you need to place your skip on the road (for more information about this, see the questions below about permits).

How do you charge for skip hire?

Your skip hire price is calculated based on the size of the skip you require, the nature of the contents, your location and the permit requirements of your local council.

Do you have the required permits and licences?

USkip is fully licensed by the Environment Agency as a waste carrier, waste broker and waste manager and has been providing skip hire in London for many years. Our materials recycling facility is licensed to process 1.6million tonnes of waste a year. Our vehicles are fully licensed by the department of transport. Our drivers are all licensed for heavy goods vehicles and are highly experienced in transporting, loading and offloading skips.